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Rountable Discussion with Chester Dawes: ESG Under the Microscope

Chester Dawes, COO & CFO, recently joined industry peers in a discussion with Infrastructure Investor on the current trends and evolution of ESG in infrastructure investing.

July 15, 2024

Keynote interview with Goncalo Bernardo: Palistar explains the capital challenges in digital

Investment Partner, Goncalo Bernardo, recently engaged in a keynote interview featured in the June issue of Infrastructure Investor’s Digital Infrastructure Report. He discusses the current opportunity set in digital infrastructure and how huge growth in the sector and a changing interest rate landscape are creating outsized demand for capital and changing sector dynamics.

June 6, 2024

Palistar Capital Appoints Brittenay Banh as Principal, Head of Investor Relations & Capital Formation

Palistar Capital is pleased to announce the appointment of Brittenay Banh as Principal, Head of Investor Relations & Capital Formation.

May 6, 2024

Keynote Interview with John Apostolides: Infrastructure in the Age of More

John Apostolides, Investment Partner, recently engaged in a keynote interview featured in the February issue of Infrastructure Investor’s Perspectives Report. In this discussion, he delved into the market dynamics and future of the digital infrastructure asset class. 

February 6, 2024

Continued Team Growth & Success – 2024 Promotions

We are thrilled to announce several well-deserved promotions within our dedicated team. These individuals have consistently demonstrated exceptional talent and commitment. We are confident that their achievements will contribute significantly to Palistar Capital’s continued success as they embody the values and culture of the firm.

January 25, 2024

CTI Towers Purchases 56 Towers in North Dakota from SRT Communications

CTI Towers today announced the purchase of 56 towers in North Dakota from SRT Communications Inc. , the state’s largest telecommunications cooperative. The acquisition significantly expands CTI Towers’ footprint in the region.

January 3, 2024

CTI Towers Announces Acquisition Rights for 525 Wireless Towers from Conterra Networks

CTI Towers today announced the acquisition rights for 525 towers located in Louisiana, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina and California from Conterra Ultra Broadband Holdings, Inc., one the largest independent fiber bandwidth providers in the United States.

December 5, 2023

Keynote Interview with Omar Jaffrey: Lighting the Digital Fuse

This week, Palistar’s managing partner and founder, Omar Jaffrey, participated in a Q&A with Infrastructure Investor to share his thoughts on how US digital infrastructure continues to adapt to successfully meet consumer demands, including how the sector is offsetting its carbon footprint and the influence AI has had on the asset class.

October 9, 2023

Palistar Capital Proudly Adopts the CFA Institute Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Code

Palistar Capital announced today that it has adopted the voluntary CFA Institute Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Code for Investment Professionals in the United States and Canada

September 20, 2023

Omar Jaffrey joins Infrastructure Investor’s Spotlight podcast

Omar Jaffrey discusses the changing state of digital infrastructure, including how the emergence of AI solutions and an increasing focus on sustainability and decarbonization have affected the industry. 

September 6, 2023

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